Thursday, January 19, 2012

New year for our sprouts

Its now 2012 and I have neglected to keep this blog going. Sorry, so much organization has taken place, schooling is in full swing and then...we were off to vacation and the holidays flew by.

This month Daisy started attending our local homeschool co-op for art. She is learning art history and how to use different mediums in her art works. This is a wonderful opportunity for her to explore art without my influence. She is beginning a Picasso study this week. Her teacher is well prepared and has handouts and questions for her to complete. Homework! Her first homework and a need for a folder and bag to carry things home. She is excited! I'll be heading to the library for support materials and she can 'study' the prints and really learn on her own (the IPad has been a useful tool for prints). We are moving on from Mommy it's a Renior series. She has already shared with me about Rousseau learning how to paint on his own. What a motivator for her to know that not everyone needs a teacher to learn...experimenting and learning independently using the talent God gave you.

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