Thursday, September 1, 2011

Reading Carnival

On Monday and Thursdays I get the chance to be with Sprout and Trumpet while their sisters attend ballet.  So, we head to the nearest library for some much needed R&R with books.  I love books!  Especially children's picture books...and it is hard to try not to purchase them so the library of course is the best alternative (and the fines still make a great bargain for a free education).  This year I plan to spend this quality time with the boys looking at their interests in books.  I have used the FIAR series as my backdrop for the girls early book reading and now the boys are onto...well...boy themed books.  We recently read, Pirate School and Trumpet was so excited to hear about pirates other than Disney tales.

Today, I happend to find an interesting topic at blog.  Their family sits down to read books as a Reading Carnival.  I've done this before but without purpose.  When you arrive home from the library with your fifty some odd books you start to sort among early readers, chapterbooks, etc.  Then everyone crowds around to chose their book.  Well she cuddles in for some reading fun by choosing five or more books to read in one sitting a week.  Sometimes, Sprout really wants a Thomas the Train read-a-thon and we have fun laughing and giggling with his train friends.  Trumpet is enjoying anything with Greek mythology and Hercules was a great beginning.  We read the Usborne Hercules in two days and his comprehension of the chapters was amazing.  The trouble, I must confess, is getting to read to all four children  their interests.  We read many books together during morning basket or in the evenings, but not individually.  I tend to group by boys and girls and they chose two books at night time.  That's a lot of mommy reading!  So, I will give it a try and commit to one day a week being a "Reading Carnival."

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