Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm a winner!

Thank you to Jessie and Montessori Print Shop for the wonderful addition to our school shelves.

It has been too long that I haven't made Montessori materials. For the past five years I have collected, purchased, and made many works for our shelves. I am excited to have an easy out. Montessori Print Shop has a wonderful product line. I have downloaded many works to the iPad and use them with Trumpet instead of printing and laminating. Now we are getting some upgrades with this new and FREE set of miscellaneous materials.

Thank you for keeping me motivated on our Montessori journey, Trumpet is beginning the pink reading series and Sprout is just beginning many areas. Our girls always return to their Montessori lessons by leading their brothers. Tulip is using her shelf items during breaks from her school work and Daisy just began cursive...back to the salt tray. She requested coffee grinds, but I also use sand or salt to change out the texture of our trays.

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  1. Thank you for your recent comments at training Happy Heart sand what an honor to be in your toiling spots right now. Your children are beautiful by the way!